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chapter BizPro Planner: Chapter 1 - Overview
This chapter is an overview of the BizPro system.

chapter BizPro Planner: Chapter 2 - Planner Overview
This chapter familiarizes the user with Planner.

chapter BizPro Planner: Chapter 3 - Grid Anatomy
Many Planner pages utilize common grid structures.   Thus, the information provided in this chapter will apply to many pages within Planner.  Figure 3 below illustrates a common Planner grid structure...

chapter BizPro Planner: Chapter 4 - Task Management
The management of tasks takes place in the Planner Task Pages and in the detail screens of individual tasks.  From the Planner Menu, pages can be accessed that will show tasks in varying states.  Thes...

chapter BizPro Planner: Chapter 5 - My Notifications
The My Notifications Planner Menu option will allow users to view copies of Planner notifications that were sent to them via e-mail.   Figure 5 Users can narrow their searches for notifications ...

chapter BizPro Planner: Chapter 6 - My Settings
This chapter describes the Planner notification setting options.

chapter BizPro Planner: Chapter 7 – Supervisor Operation
In every User Profile for each Planner user that is administered by a Planner System Administrators, supervisors can be identified for each user.  Users who have been identified as a supervisor for on...

chapter BizPro Planner: Chapter 8 - Manager Operation
This chapter discusses manager level operation of the Planner module.

chapter BizPro Planner: Chapter 9 - Document Management System
The BizPro Document Management System (DMS) is accessible from the BizPro dashboard Menu.  The DMS is designed to enhance workflow by incorporating documents with tasks.  There are four options in the...

chapter BizPro Planner: Chapter 10 - Reporting Tools
BizPro Reporting tools are designed to present information in easy to read, printable, and exportable formats. Since the BizPro Reporting Service is an embedded solution, environment maintenance and c...

chapter Emission Events and Deviation Reporting (EE&DR): Chapter 1 - Connect, Login and MenuBar
The first time a new MDE (Microsoft Database Executable) is run the will display requiring selection of the Connect to New/Different button. Figure 1a On subsequent runs of the progr...

chapter Emission Events and Deviation Reporting (EE&DR): Chapter 2 - Emission Events
The Main Screen is opened after Login or by selection of EventsDevs-Main from the Menu Bar. The Main Screen has three pages/sections: 1)     Emission Events 2)      Deviations Reporting 3)     ...

chapter Emission Events and Deviation Reporting (EE&DR): Chapter 3 - Deviations
Figure 3

chapter Emission Events and Deviation Reporting (EE&DR): Chapter 4 - General Attachment Files
Figure 4 Optionally attach general documents.  Attachments specific to a particular Emission Event should be attached to that Emission Event (See Emission Event Attachments)

chapter Emission Events and Deviation Reporting (EE&DR): Chapter 5 - Administration and Technical
Administration and technical information.

chapter Regulatory Management of Change (RMOC) Service Reconnaissance List: Chapter 1 - Federal and State of Texas Citations
The detailed Federal and State of Texas citations contained in PDC's IT_Master database, and updated quarterly for RMOC subscribers, are listed in the following sections by Chapter and Part. Regulat...

chapter Regulatory Management of Change (RMOC) Service Reconnaissance List: Chapter 2 - State Regulations Other than Texas
The following sections list non-Texas State citations that are validated each quarter under PDC’s RMOC service. The number of citations by State is as follows: State RegulationsCount Alabama ...